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Chris Hunter was born August 9, 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Coming out of his mother 6 weeks early and being medivac’d at 4lbs 13oz, it was that day and on many other occasions that he has proved his lion tendencies ever since. His fiery outlook on life is transparent and has not only motivated him to be “different” but also to motivate many others throughout his journey.


Chris gives his best no matter what the task is. You can find Chris with a smile on his face often, but also with that look in his eye that says it all at times. His outlook on chasing personal goals whether it’s in the gym or in the field, his work, or his family is simply “finish what you start.” One thing we know to be true when it comes to Chris, is his overall tenacity for life and his ability to keep pushing on outside of his comfort zone.

As a dedicated outdoor enthusiast today, Chris actually developed a deep love for the outdoor industry at a very young age. He was always fascinated with the “flight of an arrow” and with that love, his goal was always to find a career within that industry someday.

He has worked tirelessly towards that goal for some time now. Little did he know, one major event in his life might be the foundation to the Chris we all know today and that, that first bow would lead to many more. 


Since college, we have gotten to watch his love for archery/bowhunting and his passion to lay it all down on film for us all to enjoy his adventures....quite a feat as Chris is most known for his ability to self-film and also his passion for long range archery.

Chris’s Past Life and Struggles:
If we back up to his roots as a child, we learn that at the age of 9, like many others that have had certain events pave their path in life, Chris’s event unfortunately, was that he was jumped at knifepoint not two blocks from his home. Needless to say, it was one of the biggest surprises of his life, and the “one” that created the attitude he carries throughout his entire life today when it comes to giving it his all.

That day not only proved to surprise his entire family, but if all the anxiety and trauma wasn’t enough by itself, the added stress of the event would create years of ongoing issues thereafter.

A week after the event, his mother asked him why are you walking like that, and what did you do to your knee!?” he looked down to see a grapefruit sized knee, sore ankles, etc., he responded as many other 9yr old’s would.

Not he or anyone else knew what was beginning to happen, or why his body was now in the state of inflammation it was in and for how long...One week turned into months of regression, countless visits from pediatricians to now world renowned sports medicine doctors, missed school, no gym class or sports, so still time went on where no one knew how to “treat” the actual problem.  

A typical routine for Chris was coming down the steps each morning on his hind end before school and fighting back the tears while asking himself when someone could help his legs work normal again and him simply be a kid again.

Chris’s legs were so full of synovial fluid, they would not bend at the knee and the nerves were firing away at such a state, that the pain only had doctors suggesting high doses of drugs, biopsies, and other long, painful, and hindering treatments.

Long story short, the drugs made it worse, his kidneys shut down, and he laid awake at 10yrs old now on a table while they dug into his kidney to see what the next step might be, if nothing else was working...yet still “no test” would prove what was wrong, and no solution was in sight.

You see, that’s where his love for the bow began. The only thing to take the pain away was putting arrows down range, and acquiring a mind over matter attitude, envisioning that what he would read and watch on tv, he would one day experience for himself. This went on for a few more years, and more and more arrows continued to sail down range with hopes one day it would all pay off.

As a freshman in high school, his late grandmother finally stepped in and said we are doing this “my way” now....”this kid is getting worse by the day, the drugs are killing him, and the last “specialist” said if we can’t figure him out then we can expect he will be in a wheel chair by the time he is 22, maybe something worse by the age of 30....let’s turn to nutrition and maybe the body can prove to begin to heal itself again.”

Chris matured through those years, he wasn’t a boy anymore and so he walked onto a wrestling team as a senior. Next was college where he continued to love the sport but knew humbly it would never grow further from another personal lesson about not giving up and wrestling your “own battle.”  With more and more time in the gym, and also his love to travel and bow hunt came his next passion. Chris today has in many eyes taken his love for the gym down the road of bodybuilding and it’s also what he claims to be another tool in his toolbox today.  

From steady workouts, to high poundage bows, and his relentless attitude to break into the industry one day, Chris was now on a path we now all understand to be the journey we are witnessing about his life today...he simply had no desire to ever quit!

More Recently:
In 2010, he relocated from Pennsylvania to South Central Iowa to continue to strive towards his main goal of venturing further into the outdoor industry and take his filming to the next level. 


His love for bow hunting the biggest whitetails he could find was apparent and he maintained his focus and drive believing that one day he could look back and appreciate all the sacrifices and hard work that have placed him here for us all to know a little better each day, each bow hunt that he went on.

Hard work, passion, and a never quit attitude is what allowed him to not only break through decades of adversity itself, but also into the industry he loved and strived to be in, and the team player he is today.

You’ll hear Chris many times say: “For as long as I am able, I'll continue to push forward in life both as a motivated and strong individual and as hard core a hunter I can be! It’s all I know, and hunting “recharges” me on life. If I can hunt hard, I’ll tackle life hard....period.”

He states, “I've learned there will always be hurdles and new surprises, but overall I'm fortunate that believing you can turn a dream into a reality is what it took to keep my passion growing stronger every day that I woke up, and change some of the things I never thought would get easier.”

Not too many times will you meet someone as passionate and humble as Chris. Of course, as things continue to build, he’s clearly thankful for never giving up on his dream, and the impact it’s not only had on himself but thousands of others as well!  What we know about Chris, is he simply wants to help others face their challenges and strive for success also. He truly is an inspiring person to be around, and you’ll catch a few laughs in the meantime!

In closing, “I look forward to the future opportunities that still come with such a journey. I’m thankful for all my support, my sponsors, friends and family, and “anyone” that has been on this journey with me or has been affected by the busy lifestyle it’s created along the way for myself and many others. One day my plan is to look back and love “my story” enough that I can truly give back, while have never forgetting where I come from! I’m thankful for the legs underneath me today, and in my heart the fun has just begun! Walk with me, and always believe in yourself and your abilities also! ...God Bless!”





Chris Hunter

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