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Pitchfork Down!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Well, I told you all I’d be back to share the rest of Sunday morning’s success with you…

First, I wanted to thank you all for welcoming the promo video with such great feedback and support. I appreciate all the kind remarks and all of you for joining me on this journey.

November 10th proved to pay off in a BIG way and I couldn’t be more thankful.

To backup and reflect on losing all of my top hit-listers to a terrible run of EHD here again in Iowa, mixed in with some of the same old drama we all have dealt with - poaching, trespassing, and plain old interference by those that pretend to love it like was time to try and devise a plan B and put the fun back into hunting.

Nov 1st - I flew home, full of determination, and stepped off a plane with 10 days to make something happen.

With the help of some great friends, I elected to lease access to some big ground away from the roads and start using aerials and cell cams to precisely calculate my every move.

Within the first 72 hours I managed to hang trim and fully prepare 10 sets that I thought would cover the forecast ahead. A spartan photo of “Pitchfork” came thru on the 5th confirming he wasn’t too far and finally on Nov 6th I headed in for my first morning hunt.

Well, between trying other areas of the farm, trimming brush, midday, tweaking a stand here and there, etc. the action was proving to heat up as my attention turned to another beautiful old deer we call “The Sticker 10” as my camera caught a glimpse of him holding and pushing a doe out of reach that evening.

I spent the next 48 hours hunting that buck and laid eyes on him one more time before I figured it was time to give that area a rest and head in after “Pitchfork” again, but this time with a brand new hang-on I couldn’t wait to sit.

It was a cold North wind, the alarm went off at 2:30 A.M. for the 5th day in a row harnessing 2.5 hours of sleep. I commuted home, making sure fresh laundry hit my bin and needless to say my mind and body were reminding me again, this was definitely a “no pain no gain” situation.

I left the truck and started the 30 min hike with all my gear on my back ensuring there would be no issue getting the camera all set up and situated well before light...Something told me to hold strong this morning, tired or not, I would keep my mind sharp and my awareness present and ready.

It wasn’t long until I looked over my left shoulder and saw a doe coming through in a hurry with that posture we know all too well that something could be pushing her...

She looped behind me to my right. I watched and scanned back towards the way she came only to realize it was GO TIME!

At 85 yards or so I could see a giant body and frame coming the exact same route as the doe and with just a simple glimpse of his face, instinct took over and started things in motion.

I reached up and fired the action camera on, wound the arm of the big camera behind the tree, set it up where I planned on killing him and zeroed in on making the ultimate shot.

As I reached for my bow, I ranged his sternum at approximately 27 yards and prepared to settle my 30 yard pin as he obviously was beginning to quarter away.

In those final seconds I remember I let out a bleat, took an extra second to settle off the shoulder and cut the shot!

Instantly, I watched the arrow blow through right on the elbow. He mule kicked and made a small half-moon through the CRP where he finally rested on his chin in under 7 seconds!

Truly a magical morning, we figure “Pitchfork” is a great 6yr old monarch that has left his mark on the farm for years to come.

Once again, I am thankful to share the hunt with you all.

I want to thank all my sponsors and the gear that I believe in while encouraging you all to have a great season of your own!

P.S. Make sure you get a glimpse of the new Xpedition Bows as soon as you can! Better yet, go hold one in your hand and experience the confidence for yourself. These bows hit behind the pin and deliver performance second to none!


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