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Super Tuning Your Setup

Do you ever wonder how to get the most out of your setup?!

Step1: Cover Everything – If you are making rest adjustments and getting a bullet hole

but still are seeing something in flight, or if you have that feeling like you’re fighting the

bow at full draw, then appreciate. That then changes to the rest cannot fix the timing

and sometimes it’s best to go back to square one and check off what’s right, and what

else could use” a change.

Most of my friends know that I’m a lunatic about “everything”...because then there is NO

EXCUSE for blaming the equipment, yet we mix max performance with our ability,

tenacity and effort to always improve! 

Step2: Recognize that whether they are “new strings or last years” they can

always change due to many variables – These variables can affect your timing, group

size, the size and speed of your float while aiming, etc.! Get to know a bow press, get to

know your local dealer and get away from the phrase “that’s good enough” ALWAYS can work towards “your best”...

Step3: HAVE FUN!! -- It’s okay to be a lunatic, just smile while you’re in the process!

Laughing is good for everyone, and after all... No pain, no gain and sometimes your frustrations can prove to be your best motivation!

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